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    Asked on October 24, 2013 at 08:23 AM

    Please do tell us if up to this time, the suggested solutions by my colleagues are still not what you need. If still not working, please point to us which part is not working and we will focus to resolve that part. (jonathan 12:24 24/10/13)

    As you can see I have been invited to consentrate on this issue these issues have been on going all week :

    1st a little background over veiw , start had conditon issues (I think resolved), email routeing (I think resolved)

    then unwanted fields being being displayed  (the issue current)

    on all accounts you have informed me the compose mail lookes fine but i am still having issues, the  time and date field seems not to be in the right place when mailed , and the text field is not visible when recieved, but is on the build page, I have run tests and out of six (one for each) only one passed with all the required content (chris hunt instruct). I have checked that all the others surveyors match which they appear to do.

    another issue is that users of the form will need to use at least two forms to instruct and de-employ but it would seem that you cant use the back arrow to return to the form to select the next form to complete the transaction, so this means that you would need to log out and re log in from our website, I have found that at imes when the url form has been populated with the correct information and one has used the back button (from their browser) that the text field is empty.

    I have taken a screen dump of the compose email next to what I recieved from it. I have all six but your system only allows one address

    what advice can you offer


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    Answered on October 24, 2013 at 10:24 AM


    I'm sorry to hear of these continuing problems. In relation to the unwanted fields being displayed, after cloning the form and examining its notifications, the first thing I noticed was that they have been edited:

    Unfortunately, the Hide Empty Fields on Emails feature won't work once the body of a notification (the table on the Compose Email section) has been edited.

    I realize that when one has multiple issues to be fixed, it's quite inconvenient to have to open a separate thread for each one but we have found that that procedure helps us to better focus on the problems at hand and resolve them. As such, please open other threads for the other issues.