Changes made to the form are not saved

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    Asked on November 04, 2013 at 04:18 PM

    I have edited this form with some new information and have been recieving comments on the form throughout the day via normal email and all has been  fine I made a simple spelling correction  and manually saved the form  I then notice that all the edits I have done the ones that have been there all day long are no longer visable ,


    why does this keep happening, some alterations have been done over the phone so I have no backup text to refer to is it possible for you to look at the history and restore or refesh so the missing text is restored.


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    Answered on November 04, 2013 at 05:15 PM


    Your original thread describes that the disappearing text happened on email alerts, is the current problem happening on email alerts as well?

    I also see that on your Form List you have a Form labeled
    Test form 2 with 43 submissions (32911873412856)
    and you also have a
    Cloned Version of Test Form 2 with 2 submissions (33013250579954).


    At this time you've added FormID: 33013250579954 (JotForm Support Test) to this thread.

    Kindly verify which of the 2 you are working on, or if the changes you needed where changed on the incorrect form. I advise this as I see both forms have been edited today. And you are referencing the form with the least amount of submissions.

    In regards to reverting changes, unfortunately it wouldn't be possible, once the changes have been saved and you navigate away from the form, the undo feature is no longer available, and we wouldnt be able to revert if from our end. I would advise to always keep an updated clone version of your form and to not have the form open on more than one tab, I'm not saying this is what happened in this case, but it's worth noting.

    Do let us know to help you further if needed. Thank you.

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    Answered on November 05, 2013 at 03:20 AM

    I am glad that you raised this point of which form as in one of my previous post I have enquired if the forms are linked in some way  as I have attributed this to the confusion on this form.

    yesterday I was 100% using clone of test 2 , this form has all the conditions , mails and any other facets lined up the correct fields with correct subjects a fully functional form.

    I edited in some additional text in the (what I am describing as the front page before surveyor selection) about 8 -12 lines (two paras  in blue 1 in red), which was auto saved and as I have had issues with not saving things in the past  I always do a manual save as well , I also edited to of the surveyors info text on their named forms , this was edited round a 10am I run dual screens so was on one of  my screens allday , this needed to be looked at by our direcrors, for the final ok. I noticed a capital letter in the wrong place in one of the surveyor forms and edited it correct, and carried out my normal manual save  I then refreshed the form url and that when I noticed the text was missing, re refreshng the form prove futile, re opening the builder the text that was enterd during the day all was missing, not in just one field, in all the edited fields,

    Now you make the point of what form am I using, I launch clone of test 2 , and will agree that the thankyou links to test form 2 which will need to be changed , but this should not effect the builder page as it is the url that is chamging, I always take the url address if I have any doubt from the embed tag so I know I have the correct url address.

    I still dont understand that even if I had edited the wrong form, I still manualy save it each time , which adds more weight to the fact it was not saved as if using both forms even in error I would have effectivley a copy of the edited text, both forms are void of the edits.

    as for the amout of form transactions I am a little confused about as I said I take the url address from embed, launch the form to test, so I have no explanation how test form 2 is clocking transactions when I have launched clone of test form 2 .

    bottom line have I got to waste a further day re editing this and waiting for approval from our directors, or can it be restored.

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    Answered on November 05, 2013 at 05:39 AM


    Thanks for your well detailed explanation, that's greatly appreciated.

    We are truly sorry though but we cannot restore specific form by time frame. It is impossible to do that since to my knowledge that would require the whole DB to be refreshed.

    I have tried reproducing the problem but I am unable to, so the problem might be specific on your end. Just a note, like what my colleague has mentioned if you're opening two the same forms by browser tabs, this would possibly caused this issue. This is because if you're editing the first form and save the changes, it will be overwritten once the same form on the other tab autosaves. This is the same when two people are editing the same form.

    Another possible reason is due to browser caching, if the changes doesn't take effect immediately right after saving the form, do a clear cache, this would really help. After that, checked if the changes was reflected to your form.

    If you're also editing the form on IE, we'd recommend using Chrome or Firefox. We also do not recommend editing the form using mobile since mobile browsers works differently than on desktop. JotForm builder is optimized to work in a "mouse & keyboard" computer / laptop, rather than a touchscreen mobile device.

    Should there be any questions, do let us know here. Thanks!