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    Asked on February 23, 2021 at 11:39 AM

    My order form is offering several different floral hanging baskets. I put a quantity and color selector on the baskets that offered different options. Is there a way to allow customers to buy different colors of the same hanging baskets? For example, you can purchase 3 yellow begonias but also 3 mixed begonias. The begonia is just one product with multiple color options. I am hoping there is a setting that allows customers to purchase several different color choices of one product.

    Thank you for any insight.

    Lyndsay Sheridan

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    Answered on February 23, 2021 at 04:18 PM

    Hi Lyndsay,

    Happy to help!

    Yes: you can certainly have your respondents select different colours of the same product (in your case, flower baskets). I made a clone of your form 210344677886164 for the purposes of this example. Here's my cloned form if you'd like to test it yourself:

    First, we're going to click into one of your product options:


    I see that you've already added the COLOR product option, so we're going to click to edit this:


    Then, we're going to toggle the Create Sub Products from Options toggle to YES and be sure to then click SAVE OPTION. We will repeat for each product, but I've used the Begonia 10 Hanging Basket product for this example only:


    When saved, you'll see that the option to select colour and corresponding quantity appears for that product:


    I hope this helps! Please let us know if we can assist further.