President, Grand Puba, or someone equivalent that pays the bills

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    Asked on March 11, 2021 at 09:27 AM

    Dear Master of the corporate Jotform slaves,

    As a fellow captain of industry and capitalist overlord, I know your time is precious.

    So I will be precise.

    I love erhankilic.

    For decades I have used Jotform, and can't recall ever needing support. As with any small business I wear many hats, simultaneously, and "web stuff" is just one of them. After working a 28.3 hour day yesterday I was made aware that there was an issue with our JotForm. I could not solve the problem myself and reach out to your 24/7 Support team.

    Let's face it, support for most sites is a quick confirmation of nothing, which measures the response time not if the problem was solved 100%.

    Not only did I receive a response back from my new muse, erhankilic. ....IT ANSWERED THE PROBLEM with specific instructions.

    I was able to start my day, solving this problem in minutes, giving me this extra time to write this letter. I am oblivious to erhankilic's gender, but I am now in a platonic relationship with them, they made my day..

    If you find it in your hearts of hearts instead of investing in cocaine-filled weekends in the South Hamptons discussing "Bitcoin and lobster Thermidor" take $X dollars and give it to erhankilic as a small token of a job well done, i would forever be grateful.

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    Answered on March 11, 2021 at 12:49 PM

    Hello Jimmy,

    The reply is through the following ticket I see the images did not appear, so kindly access the given ticket if you want to review them.

    I think I'm too slow here. Good thing my colleague made me understand most of the stuff. 😂 It made me do Google, but it's the Rapper that tops the most. lol

    Thank you for the message. I've forwarded this to Erhan.