How can i create a textbox together with a dropdown menu?

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    Asked on November 29, 2013 at 07:50 AM

    1. Question:


    How can I create a textbox which is connected to a dropdown box.

    Example (Job Application):


    Textbox: Language

    Dropdown: Language-Skill


    How can i connect two dropdown-boxes. For example:

    I choose a language and in a dropdown menu right next to it I choose the skill.

    2. Question

    How can I create a textbox which offers examples for the user.

    Example (Job Application)

    IT Skills:

    You type in "Photoshop" and the textbox says "Adobe Photoshop", you type in Jav and the textbox suggests "Javascript" or whatever.


    Sorry if my english is not the best - I'm not a native speaker.



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    Answered on November 29, 2013 at 09:04 AM

    Hi Martin, 



    In order to create a Dropdown Text box with options to select, on your form builder, select "Form Tools" on the left panel and drag "Drop-Down" into the editing canvas as shown: 

    You can update the dropdown options by clicking the "options" button on the toolbar or beside the drop-down field as shown. 


    I've prepared a sample form to help you through this:

    Please clone it to examine it closer in your form editor. We will use the field names you suggested in your questions. 

    a. In connecting two drop-down boxes, first create a drop down box for each choice in the "Language" box as shown in the sample form you cloned.

    b. You then need to use conditional logic to display the two drop-down boxes you want to relate to each other. 

    c. You can do this by selecting the "Setup and Embed" tab at the top of your form editor canvas, then selecting "Conditions" as shown: 

    d. select the "show/hide form field' option and create the following rules (for instance): 

    IF Language Is Equal To "French"

    SHOW French Skills


    IF Language Is Equal To "German"

    SHOW German Skills


    IF Language Is Equal To "English"

    SHOW English skills


    IF Language Is Equal To "Spanish"

    SHOW Spanish Skills



    You will find the conditional logic interface easy and intuitive to use in generating these rules. 

    The sample form should give you an idea of what you should have when you are done: . It hides all other dropboxes that are not related to the selected choice in the "language" drop-box. 

    2. In order to create autocomple text boxes, select "power tools" on the left panel on your form editor. Click and drag "Autocomple" onto the canvas as shown. 

    In order to edit or populate the autocomplete list, select the autocomlete box and click on "items" on the toolbox above your form editor as shown. 

    The sample form has an autocomplete text box labelled "Other Skills" to illustrate how this works:

    It always helps to create different support threads for more than one issue in this forum, that way you get speedier and clearer responses; for instance, question one and question two could have been two different threads. 

    I hope this helps, please answer back if you have more questions on the matter. 





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    Answered on April 26, 2016 at 08:25 AM


    Looks like your answer did not reach the thread. Please post your reply again so can help you further.