Multipage form with mobile responsive video

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    Asked on December 05, 2013 at 12:39 PM

    Hello!  I was looking for some specific features in an image survey for my site and I was hoping you could help me.  I need:

    -          Wordpress integration

    -          Multi-page

    -          Mobile responsive video

    -          Conditional logic

    I need the visitor to fill out a survey question with a video on the page.  Then be directed to a specific new page depending on their answer.  This new page will also have a video.  And so on …

    I also need to collect all of the entries as they were on one form.

    The problems I have encountered are as follows:

    -          I can get a multi-page survey with video capability, but the videos aren’t mobile responsive when I embed them in the form, then embed the form on my Wordpress site

    -          I can place the form on a page with a video attached outside of the form, making the video mobile responsive, but these multi-page forms will then not display different videos on each page.

    -          I can create separate, one-page forms that navigate to different URLs on submission.  This allows me to place the videos outside of the form and thus render them responsive.  I then have many separate form submissions though with no way to link the responses.

    Can this survey tool offer ALL that I need!!! ;)


    Thanks for your help, Scott