array problem still

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    Asked on June 23, 2011 at 04:20 PM

    Array ( [submission_id] => 174669162243212635 [formID] => 11572124139 [ip] => 55.55.555.55 [unitedstates] => Array ( [0] => Jordan ) [district1] => Array ( [0] => Testing more ) [governorand] => John Miller/Parker Smith REP [stateattorney] => Lolita Grooter REP [statechief] => Clay Nutter REP [commissionerof] => Rita West REP [staterepresentative] => Fred Eisenhower DEM [countycommissioner] => Array ( [0] => LALA ) [district2] => Chad Hoffenback REP [shalljustice64] => NO [shalljustice] => NO [circuitjudge] => Gretta Hoffner [soiland] => Daniel Francesco [repealof] => NO [balancingthe] => NO [testuser] => TU26 )


    Every time I use php to provide me with answer it works except for write in options.  As you can see, every time I have a write in option I get i.e [unitedstates] => Array ( [0] => Jordan ) the write in was jordan and on the form it states array instead of the answer Jordan.  What would be the code for me to display the write in answer of Jordan rather then array?

    <?php echo $_POST['unitedstates']; ?>  this is what I use to add the text in my thankyou.php, works with all the questions on the form xcept for when a person writes in an anwer I get array...not the write in???

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    Answered on June 23, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    Hi tinylino2,

    To better manage your concern, please create one thread for each issue. Liyam or anyone from the support team will respond to your original post at Any further communication, updates and solutions will be posted there.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.