How do I calculate the mean response out of coded responses eg from 1-5

  • Melissa
    Asked on September 23, 2021 at 9:58 PM

    How do I calculate the mean response out of coded responses eg from 1-5??

  • egemen
    Replied on September 24, 2021 at 12:43 PM

    Thank you for contacting Support,

    You can calculate mean of fields easily with Form Calculation. I’ve demonstrated this on an example form.

    1. Add two Single Choice fields to your form.1632501409 614dfea10268f aa Screenshot 10
    2. Add a Form Calculation Widget at the bottom.1632501426 614dfeb26be09 ab Screenshot 21
    3. Click on Properties of the Single Choice field, go to OPTIONS tab, switch on Calculation Values and type in the calculation values for each option in your Single Choice field. Repeat this for the second question as well. I’ve added 1-2-3-4 options and gave them the same values for simplicity.1632501456 614dfed0c92d1 ac Screenshot 32
    4. Click on the Widget Settings button of your Form Calculation Widget, we will use the number/field pad to type in our formula. Firstly use the parentheses buttons to open parentheses. Move your cursor inside the parentheses and use the blue ADD FIELD button. You will be prompted to select a field from your form. Select Q1. Click on the “+” button to create addition. Then use ADD FIELD button again to add Q2. Outside of the parentheses, use “/” to divide and then type in the number of fields we included in this mean calculation. In this case, we used 2, so we divide by 2. Click the SAVE button to save your changes. In your form, this Form Calculation should now be showing the mean of the values selected in Single Choice questions.1632501480 614dfee85609f ad Screenshot 43