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    Asked on February 26, 2014 at 12:02 AM


    I'd like to create some forms for all the members of our affiliate sales team to generate leads.  There are a couple features I'd like to check whether it would be possible using your software:

    1) Can you have different forms send the submissions to different e-mail addresses?  In other words, if I create form for our affiliate Mike, I'd like any submission on that form to be e-mailed to Mike (Cc me if possible).  If I create a form for our affiliate Jen, I'd like any submission on that form to be e-mailed to Jen, etc.

    2) I see you have the feature to redirect the user to a URL after he/she completes the form. Is there a way to make that URL conditional on what the user fills out in the form?  We have 28 courses and the form is a lead gen tool to get a "free preview of our course."  Instead of creating 28 different forms for each affiliate, it would be awesome if the user could select from a drag down list of which course they'd like to preview and, based on that selection, the form sends them to a certain URL for that preview upon submission.  We already have these URLs set up.  Possible?



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    Answered on February 26, 2014 at 05:55 AM

    good morning Todd

    you can start by checking this article on advanced conditioning:




    You could read my previous answers about sending to multiple email addresses,

    but if they are to hard to find, better I can repeat it to  you :

    (hope you dont mind me using another example)

    You must start first with a little condition logic, IF > THEN 

    Start here :

    first of all you must  enter in your form something to describe the service to your User or Client

    and give them a choice either with  some radio button or check box to alow them to choose to whom they are sending the inquiry .

    or in your case a drop down menu for courses or  for affiliates

    Like this:


    or this:


    after finishing the form design and fileds

    click on the green "Conditions" icon

    then check the  Send an e-mail after submission as shown below:



    Click Next


    Now comes the power of conditional logic:


    If any of the radios or chekboxes are checked  

    and that checked   field is equal to  Support center

    Then  send a form by email to My company Support center predefined email

    and you could also add  another Action

     If send my email to course that affiliate Mike sells

    Then send Me the course - master the same  email



    If any of the radios or chekboxes are checked  

    and that field is equal to  Enquiries

    Then  send a form by email to My company Enquiries division predefined email


    and click Save




    2)  Yes it is possible and in two ways use wich is more elegant for your use:


    *  Change Thank You URL after Submission conditions, similar to the following:

    I borrowed this image from this thread that have been answered by Abajan from Jotform official support



    and another more detailed way, customized just for your case:


    Start by making you a selection (you must pay attention and do this separate of your question number one)

    Make a Course selection dropdown box

    like in this short example



    then, after you finish entering all 28 options

    or you could have multiple dropdown options ie Helath, Fitness, Homeopatic etc...


    1-click Setup & Embed

    2-Click on Conditions

    3- on popup check " Change thank you URL after submission"


    then select your first dropdpown: 

    and your first choice that you want to Condition to certain URL of the course !

    then when you equal the first choice with the selection of your course like in the image below

    you are done you just need to enter exact course URL and the Customer would be taken there !

    When finished your condition wizard will look like this:

    ~only you would have 28 of options ~

    and click Finish !