Receiving a blocked URL message upon submission, thereby form not being submitted.

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    Asked on March 05, 2014 at 04:41 AM


    Some of our users encounter the above problem once they click on 'Submit' upon completing the form.

    The reason I say some, is that others are successfully ably to complte and submit their forms. 

    I have attached a screen shot from one of the users who has not been able to submit the form. It hangs on this page with the message you see.

    Looking forward to your assistance in this matter.


    Thank you and regards,

    Human Rostami

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    Answered on March 05, 2014 at 05:46 AM


    This might be the reason why (check your image below with comments). The two signature fields are not loaded properly on the browser, so this is browser specific. Might be the cause why they're unable to submit the form. Please suggest them to reload the form, these fields should be loaded otherwise it would cause problems like this.

    My test on your form works just fine, so the form should be working properly as expected.