I need login information as soon as possible!

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    Logan Mazzettia 
    Asked on March 06, 2014 at 03:25 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    I work for a marketing company called Zyndio, and one of my clients is At The Crossroads (guidingyouth.com). One of our former employees made this form for At The Crossroads and put it on their site.

    We are having some issues with the form: 1) a potential client of At The Crossroads filled out the form yesterday (March 5th) and complained about some of the fields not working. She gave the example of the "Social Security Number" field not letting her add the last 4 digits. 2) (the most important) The form that was filled out by the same potential client as in issue #1 did not get emailed out to anyone. If at all possible, we need that application recovered and emailed, immediately, or my client risks losing their potential client!

    As I said before, one of my former employees put this form on the site. Unfortunately, nobody with my company has the login information and the former employee is not willing to help. 

    We would very much like to keep using this form, but if we don't have the login information, it would not be effective for us to keep using it. We would just build one in-house. We would like to prevent all that extra work, though! 

    Please call (435-767-8847) or email me (logan@zyndio.com) as soon as possible to let me know if we can recover the application from yesterday, as well as to let me know if we can get the login information or not!


    Logan Mazzettoa

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    Answered on March 06, 2014 at 04:24 PM

    Hello Logan,

    I'm afraid we would have to uphold that you need the permission of the account owner.

    But I have a solution for you, at least- the beginning of the solution:

    1. Create a free account  - http://jotform.us/signup

    2. Copy the form on your website into your newly created account by following this guide. This is the URL you will use when you follow the linked guide: http://www.jotform.us/form/33237788558167

    3. Now that you have the form in your account, you need to change the form embedded on your website with the one you just copied into your account. On observing your website code, it appears they used the Iframe code.

    -So grab the Iframe code and copy it on your website as shown in this linked guide.

    -When you do that, the form you will have on your site will be yours to troubleshoot and/or modify.

    4. After all this is done, we can check the form for you and weed out the problems you highlighted before.

    -Please let us know when you complete this.