I believe my identify may have been stolen using your site

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    Rader Mustafa 
    Asked on November 27, 2021 at 05:07 PM
    I trusted this site when maybe I shouldn’t have. I thought I was proving documents for a job offer but it appears as though it may be a scam. I gave out very personal information including my DL & SSN. Now I am very anxious and frustrated since I got a response from the number that provided the link saying this was in fact not a employment offer & it is more than likely a scam. This should not happen on sites such as yours. Sites that are “protected” especially. I received a “404” “Whoops! Unfortunately, the page you were looking for could not be found. It may be temporarily unavailable, moved or no longer exists. Please check your spelling and retry.” notification. Please someone get back to me ASAP! I would like to know if this is something I should be concerned about and what the next steps I should take are. Thank you. 
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    Answered on November 28, 2021 at 10:28 AM

    Thank you for reaching support,

    The account and form have been reviewed and are now suspended.

    The form and its data are no longer accessible.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.