How to combine two conditions which are attached to the same field

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    Asked on July 24, 2011 at 05:43 PM

    This post is a response to a reply by Lunatic447 in Change the size of "This field is required"?. It was put here because it is a different issue to what that thread is about.


    Hi Lunatic447

    Here's how to combine the conditions you have for showing the submission button:

    1. Delete the second condition

    2. Edit the first condition to read as follows:

    The above condition was setup by changing Is Empy to Is Filled and Hide to Show. After that Add New Rule was clicked and a similar rule was set for the Ihre E-mail-Adresse field. Also, All was selected instead of Any:

    So, rules can be added to a single condition instead of creating separate conditions for a field, so long as they are of the same type (in this case, Show / Hide a form field) and the same action (in this instance, Show) is to be invoked when the condition is met.