Insert Text Or Mathematical Calculation into field problems when more than 1 condition involved.

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    Asked on April 07, 2014 at 04:44 AM

    Hello there, 


    Basically I want add the following conditions to my form.


    When A=X, then B=2 x M and C=3

    When A=Y, then B=3 x M and C=4

    When A=Z , then B=4 x M and C=5

    and so on.


    A= the package type (ie 2 night package, 3 night package etc) . People select this as first step in form.

    B= number of lift passes to be included per person in the package.  I would like to specify this using "Inserting Text Or Mathematical Calculation into field" (see conditions for "select a package")

    M= number of people (a field which is field out by the customer)

    C= number of nights included in the package . This I want to fix with Inserting Text Or Mathematical Calculation into field (see conditions for "select a package")


    I have tried to  set up conditions for "3, 4 and 5 night packages"  It works ok for the 3 night package, but not for the rest although the conditions are set up in the same way. Prices are not updating correctly , neither are the number of nights.

    I have been told by one of your tech guys that maybe a custom script is the way to go due to the complexity of the calculations.

    Below is a text that I submitted earlier but it is a lot of rambling so I have tried to make it as clear as possible as above.


    Thank you very much.






    Thank you very much for your email. Maybe a custom script is the way to go. So what I want to do is have offer a number of different packages, ranging from 3 night up to 14 night package. Each of these packages will include a set number of nights and a set number of lift passes per adult. So the price is basically A + B where A is the cost of the accommodation for those ngihts and B is the cost of the lift passes. So what I was trying to do using the wizard was to set a condition depending on the package type (3 night, 4 night , 5 night etc).
    For example
    If the package is equal to a 3 night package, then a)the number of nights in the accommodation will be 3 and b) the number of lift passes will be 2 per person. We have found that using the wizard we cannot easily set these conditions.The wizard does not seem to like it if there is more than 1 " Insert Text Or Mathematical Calculation into field" condition in the same calculation.
    I have tried other means but the problem is that the customer can choose a number of different accommodations and each accommodation has a number of room types, all which are priced differently. When the customer plays around with the form changing the accommodations and room types the price doesn't update properly.
    So yes if you could do me a custom scrip that would be great.We have another website
    which includes such scripts. However, I am building a new website (different domain) and want to avoid using programmers as much as possible. That is why jot form appeals to me. Anyway you can have a look at that page to see how I would like it to work. I guess you don't need to worry about the "Design own custom package" option as I can do that using the wizard.
    Ideally a script that allows us to specify 1) the number of nights based on the package chosen and 2) the number of lift passes included per person based on the package chosen. If you can only insert one condition then the "number of nights" one is the one I would like you to make a script for.
    So our present jotform url is You will see there are a number of form calculation fields there as I have been playing around with it trying to get it to work.
    Hope I haven't rambled on too long. If you are not clear on anything let me know.

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    Answered on April 07, 2014 at 09:04 AM

    Hi Dave,

    We have submitted your first thread regarding the same matter to our developers. I think they are now looking into the possibility of adding this function to the Match Calculations. We offer workarounds, but I think this would take time for us, as you could see, this involves multiple fields. We'll update you there for any progress.