when people enter data into Jotform it does NOT go to salesforce

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    Asked on April 07, 2014 at 04:33 PM

    hi.  This is the 2nd time I've had to post this since nobody helped me.

    I am an Enterprise user of Salesforce with the API enabled.

    I have a jotform form.  

    I have successfully linked Jotform to Salesforce and mapped MANY fields, which took considerable time.

    However, when people enter data into Jotform it does NOT go to salesforce.  Please help!

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    Answered on April 07, 2014 at 07:12 PM

    Very sorry for the delay to help you. I am forwarding your case to our developers, as I have no ways to test the integration.

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    Answered on April 17, 2014 at 09:28 AM


    While checking your form's integration to SalesForce, I got an error saying your SalesForce password has already expired.

    Can you please update your SalesForce account's password, then re-integrate your form using the new password AND API Key provided by SalesForce (sent to your email after password change).

    Then, get back ot us if the problem still persists on your end.


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    Answered on April 24, 2014 at 04:51 PM
    I unlinked them, and then relinked them with the new API and password, BUT
    all my mapped fields are now gone! That is SO frustrating!!
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    Answered on April 24, 2014 at 06:19 PM


    You can use the Revision History feature to revert to a previous version of your form wherein it still have the original Salesforce integration. 

    Please refer to this article for guidance.


    Inform us if you encounter any difficulty recovering the form with original integration in place.


    As for the re-integration using new API key causing the original mapping of field removed, I suggest you do it like this.

    1. Keep a backup copy of the original form with Salesforce integration intact. To have a backup copy, use the Form Cloning feature. Use this guide 


    2. After you have a copy of the form, you can then test the new Salesforce API key on the cloned from. Check if redoing the integration will still removed all the existing field mapping.

    The original working form backup copy should be safe.


    Please update us if you need further assistance.



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    Answered on May 12, 2014 at 10:31 AM
    Hi - I have finally had a chance to do this
    I was able to get the old version of my form that had the salesforce
    I then cloned the form
    I went into the Salesforce Integration and it told me that my username/pw
    was invalid. There is no way I can see to just change that - my only
    choice is to "remove integration"
    Which means everything is lost
    Please advise how we can fix this. Having to remap everything is a
    colossal waste of time and because it didn't work the first time, I have no
    confidence it will work a second time
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    Answered on May 12, 2014 at 12:43 PM

    I checked on it and can confirm that it's happening as your Integration Tokens were being rejected. We do apologize about this inconvenience to you as I know it was very tedious to re-map them. To my knowledge I don't think the revision will work because that only returns you to the original settings of the default connection leading to the Integration Failure all-over again.

    Any time you create a new set of Keys for an Integration due to a previous problem the recommended method to fix it is to use the new ones. This means that you will likely have to re-integrate and also re-map which would follow suit. To be honest...As far as I know this sort of thing is unfortunately usually non-recoverable and we do deeply apologize about that.

    Additionally, I will send our developer in-charge of this issue a message about that just in case there is a slight possibility of us being able to somehow recover your mapped fields, but the chances are very minimal.


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    Answered on May 12, 2014 at 02:11 PM
    thanks - please do let me know
    but the issue is that i'm reluctant to spend the time remapping since the
    first mapping didn't work and I don't know why that's the case. if i can
    be sure it won't happen again i'll take the time to do oit
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    Answered on May 12, 2014 at 08:33 PM


    Unfortunately, the only way to change your password for the integration is to redo it. I will submit a ticket to have an option of changing the credentials without removing the integration, but for the meantime, your only option is remapping the fields.

    Sorry about that.