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    Asked on April 08, 2014 at 01:41 PM

    I want to know if you can answer a few questions on one page and send the user to a different page that doesn't have a form on it and then send the user back to the same form with different questions and allow the user to submit that all in one form. I was think of different alternatives like have two forms communicate but send all together in one form or saving data until they use the form on the next page.


    Step by step:
    1. User is sent to page 1 that contains a jotform form
    2. They then click next on the form and is sent to a different page with no jotform forms
    3. User then selects an option and is sent to the next page with the same jotform but different questions
    4. Finally the user submits the form and I get it in an email 

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    Answered on April 08, 2014 at 03:20 PM

    I'm not sure If I understand your model correctly, but you can create a form that has multiple pages, in the following scenario:

    1. Form has different pages - one page with a set of questions - another page with HTML text or whichever content you want to place on it  - and another page with another set of questions.

    2. You can embed an entire webpage on your form, or even a set of pages that will constitute part of the form:

    For example - This form:

    3. And using conditional Logic - you can skip to different form pages depending on how the form user has responded on certain questions - or on other conditions as well:

    Let us know if these ideas help - and how we can assist to formulate your desired solution.

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    Answered on April 08, 2014 at 03:30 PM

    This sounds great but if I have a script with HTML along with choices on the page that it's sent to then how would I get what choice they've selected? If I have to click Next on the form.

    In the first question I just wanted to know if a user answers some questions on page one using jotform and is redirected to page two with no jotform and then selects an option and is redirected to page three with jotform is possible.

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    Answered on April 08, 2014 at 05:58 PM


    Capturing users answer during the run time of the form is not possible as of the moment. It is only possible when you enable Post Data on your form and have it redirected on the medium page with your custom PHP script in order to capture users answer. Guide:


    However, in your case I think you can achieved that with thank you page redirection condition.


    If field is equal to 1

       Redirect to

    If field is equal to 2

       Redirect to

    If you have seen my colleague's screenshot, thank you URL condition can be seen under the previous condition option offered.


    Hope this helps!