How to create a Quiz form with a number of correct answers on a Thank You page

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    Asked on May 02, 2014 at 05:00 PM

    Let me please inform you, that there is a Form Calculation widget available on JotForm. We can use mentioned Form Calculation field in order to calculate a number of correct answers, and then show that number on a form Thank You page.

    There is a basic example:

    1. Add your form questions to the form, and then assign 1 point to the correct answers. This can be done through field Properties -> Show Properties -> Calculation Values.

    2. Add a Form Calculation field to the form and configure it to sum the calculation values.

    3. Hide the Form Calculation field (renamed to Total) on form.

    4. Show the calculated value on a form Thank You page.

    Please feel free to submit the following sample form to see how it works:

    You can also clone the form to your account to check it out.

    Note: Calculation values can be found in a form source code, so advanced computer users might be able to find it out using browser web development tools.