Voting Form: How to show tally of what numbers we are up to for EACH tag design.

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    Asked on August 05, 2011 at 06:52 PM


    Thanks heaps for your reply,

    I did not expect an answer so quick.  I look forward to it being implemented in the near future.


    Ok, I have another techy question for you, lets just hope I can put it into words that will make sense.

    Ok, here goes.


    What I would like to try and to is have a VOTING type form made.

    I will have 3 PATHTAG DESIGNS up on the screen for people to vote for.  By VOTING they are INDICATING how many of these tags they will buy and when the CERTAIN NUMBER is reached we will get THAT tag minted.

    I want the form to keep a SHOWING tally (on the PAGE for all to see) of what numbers we are up to for EACH tag design.



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    Answered on August 06, 2011 at 03:57 AM


    You can create a visual report but unfortunately, you cannot place it inside your form.  you will need to place it in your web page via iframe.

    To create your visual report (charts)

    1. Go to My Forms page and select the form that you want to create a report.

    2. Click Reports on the tool bar, then click Add New Report button.

    3. Select Visual Report Builder in the reports wizard.

    4. Click Edit report to make the charts and content editable, you will also see a pop-up widget tool to help you enhance your visual report. Clicking on the part of the report will show you the properties tool where you can further edit your visual report.

    5. Once you're done, click Share report. You will see two options, you will get the URL of your report, and you will also get an iframe code.  Copy the iframe code and then paste the code inside the webpage where you also have embeded your form.

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.