I want to see the whole form/contract when it is emailed back to me instead of just the replies

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    Asked on May 30, 2014 at 03:15 PM

    I created a form using text boxes that includes my contract agreement.  The client then clicks a box at the bottom agreeing/disagreeing to allow a model release and then they sign in the signtaure box to the terms of the contract.  When I receive an email, all I can see is the box that is ticked and the signature.  I want to be able to have the whole thing so that I can save/print it...not just the repsonse.  How can I set that up?

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    Answered on May 30, 2014 at 05:44 PM

    So far I can understand your problem, you want to receive the email with terms & condition field in order to save and print it.

    Just try using a radio button with no label with having only one option and being selected instead of using a Text field.

    Then you need to inject the following css code:


    {visibility: hidden;

    padding-left: -10px;

    font-size:24pt; color: red;}


    {font-size:24pt; color: red;}

    You need to change the #input name according to the name of the field, which you can see in the field properties:

    And then you can adjust the conditions so they behave in the same way you have now.

    Please get back to us with updates about your query.

    Thank You.