Widget News! Issue #3 June 20 2014

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    Asked on June 20, 2014 at 09:08 AM

    Our third issue gets even better - showcasing the latest and improved widgets for your form. 

    Did you know that the Word widget is more than 80 years old, and is synonymous to a gadget?*

    In other words: Widgets in whichever context, always refer to productivity. 

    Here at Jotform - we strive to empower your form with the latest 'gadgets' so that you can create powerful, fun and efficient electronic forms. 

    Browse our widget gallery today and see what we have to offer.  


    Style your Submit Button to match your form design, product branding, or just a different and aesthetic way of displaying the submit button. 

    These four widgets come with the ability to customize the button's color, the size and style:

    1. Square-edged Submit Button

    2. Round-edged Submit Button

    3. Circle Submit Button

    4. Pill-shaped Submit Button

    Go ahead and give them a try. 


    How much do you really know about your form? What are the most active fields, or how many visits and hits did you get on your form? Is your form incredibly boring? How long did it take the last visitor to fill out your form?

    With Formisimo Analytics, you can now get all these questions answered.

    Formisimo offers the one most competitive web form analysis services, providing you with pertinent answers that could help you make lucrative and productive decisions in relation the performance of your form. 

    Click here to add Formisimo Form Analytics to your form. 


    Ever wonder how you can display mathematical equations on your form - perhaps as part of performance evaluation, or when showing a distinctive mathematical formula. 

    Mathjax allows you to visually display equations using Tex, LaTeX or MathML notation. 

    Mathjax is a revolutionary concept - widely used by the scientific community because it offers them an edge in presenting equations in web content. The 6th Community Update from MathJax features our widget. 

    Go ahead and give the widget a try


    This smart widget automatically calculates the driving distance between two locations - providing a pretty nifty estimate of the time it would take if your form users are planning a trip, or basically any reason that requires travel. 

    The widget is perfect for forms that have an element of travel on them. 

    Give the widget a spin by clicking here


    This is one of our most requested widgets, and has recently been developed, and also featured in our Core Updates Newsletter .

    The widget allows your form users to preview their answers before they can submit them. 

    See how the widget works and then give it a try by clicking here


    This widget is pretty smart. 

    It allows you to convert a user's answer from a list of radio button options to any text, symbolic or numeric value you want. 

    For instance - If you have a survey form, this widget can automatically assign numeric values to your users' responses. Its use is virtually endless. Give it a try by clicking here


    There are many ways of formatting a number based on the type (currency, percentage, decimal, integer etc), the country or region and the which language the number is being written in. 

    This widget forces a pre-configured format on the value your form users enter. For example, if your form requires a thousand separator, a currency symbol etc, this widget can force this format on the number value the user will enter. 

    See it in action by clicking here. 


    This is the ideal widget for forms that require the user to reserve dates on a calendar. 

    The widget adds a calendar picker on your form. Any dates picked by a previous form user will not be available for selection. 

    Add the date reservation widget to your form by clicking here


    Do you have a list of dates and times that you would like your form users to choose their availability from? This is the widget you are looking for. 

    The widget keeps track of how many slots you have available for each listed date/time, allowing you to limit how many people can select a certain time slot. 

    We have a live form you can demo - go ahead and give it a run

    This widget is quite useful for any form that is selling a limited number of tickets. The Ticket Purchases Widget allows you to list the types/categories of tickets, and the exact number you have available for each category or type. 

    Every time a ticket is selected, the total number available is reduced until the tickets are sold out. 

    See the widget in action by clicking here


    That's all we had for this week from the Widget Desk - but we are constantly updating, upgrading and creating new widgets, so look out for next weeks issue for more exciting widgets for your form. 

    As always, your feedback on each widget is very important to us, because it helps up improve and build the perfect gadgets for your form. 


    Formisimo is a registered trademark of Formisimo, The Mathjax Plugin is made using the Mathjax Framework

    The definition of "Widget" by Reference.com