Jotform Widget News! - Issue #5 - July 4th, 2014

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    Asked on July 04, 2014 at 11:32 AM

    Happy 4th of July!** 

    One of the more pleasant advantages of using Widgets on your form is that it makes your form users happy. 

    Smart, attractive and fast forms make your users happy, which is why our widgets are designed to address specific situations and needs - and we are developing new ones everyday to make sure we stay ahead by equipping you with the newest tools that make your users very happy! 

    Do you have something you would like your form to do? Go ahead and search for it in our widget gallery

    The Fifth Edition of Widget news features 10 more widgets that have been built, refined and tested for your form. 

    Lets keep our form user's happy. :-)

    Here are our featured widgets this week: 

    This widget stops spammers and bots on their tracks by adding a clever edition to Captcha. 

    Your form users have to sketch over the image that the widget opens. If the sketch is fairly accurate, they are allowed to submit the form.

    To give the widget a spin, please click here


    This widget helps your users select their location or address using an interactive map. 

    Once the form has been opened, the widget loads a map on the form and tries to figure out where they are using their IP address location. 

    If the location is not spot-on, the user can then drag the marker across the map to the correct place and submit the form. Easy as Pie! 

    To add this widget to your form, please click here

    This is assistive technology at its best! 

    The widget allows your form users to upload files by dragging them from any location on their computer screens and onto the form!

    This widget makes uploading a breeze - read more about what else it can do by clicking here

    This widget allows your form users to select any Province in France, no additional configuration or listing needed.


    Its simplicity is what makes it valuable - sometimes, your form users do not want to keep typing out their location. Give it a try.

    Your form users will thank you for this. 

    If you have an address field on your form, then you may want to take a look at this widget.

    It uses a global library of locations to search and pre-fill address information as the user types. 

    Powered by Google Maps®, the widget predicts what they user will most likely type out and helps them to complete the form.  Click here for more on the widget. 

    This cool widget lets your form users fill out their location by a postal code search. 

    They don't even need to have the complete postal code, a search for a partial code will narrow down a list of possible locations they can select from. 

    Give the demo a spin and see how it works.

    Let your form users draw their response on a drawing board that this widget will add to your form. 

    Sometimes, its easy to sketch your answer than to type it out. 

    Your form users can use their mouse or their finger on a touch-screen device. 

    This widget needs no configuration - just add it to your form by clicking here

    If your form has a telephone number field - then this widget will work great for your form users.

    The widget has a complete listing of all the Country Codes in the world, and allows your users to visually select the correct country code before they enter their telephone number. 

    Try out the widget by clicking here

    This widget allows you to place a smart - expandable list of input boxes on your form. 

    If your form is meant to collect a list of items, then this is the widget to use. 

    The  widget allows you to define what kind of information should be collected in each row by determining the input type, for instance, a date field, a check-box, a number box, a drop-down field etc. 

    We have a demo ready here. Give it a spin!

    This widget provides directions to your form users. 

    All your form user needs to do is enter the two locations, and the widget will generate the directions they need to use to arrive at their destination. 

    Pretty cool, right? Its powered by Google Maps®, which means that the power of a comprehensive, detailed map is one click away for your form users to tap into. 

    Give our demo a try here.

    That's all we had for you this week. 

    Remember, widgets make your form users happy - because they help them along while they complete your form. Some widgets are so smart, they leave your form users impressed by your service. 

    Find out what our widgets can do for you today - start here

    We'd love to hear from you; let us know how the widget worked out for you. 

    See you next week -

    As for today,  Its time to watch the dazzle across the skyline ;-) Happy 4th **

     Google Maps® is a Registered Trade Mark of Google Inc. 

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    Answered on July 04, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    Great job Titus! I love these widget news!

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    Answered on July 04, 2014 at 02:49 PM

    If words are not enough... use the Drawing Captcha Widget!


    I accomplish many more things because of this widgets! I do not think of them impossible anymore with JotForm.

    Please keep them coming!