Dropbox storage / Controlling storage folder / iframe manipulation

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    Asked on August 30, 2011 at 02:49 PM

    Question #1

    When something is uploaded through my form to my dropbox, is it actually (not virtually) stored on your site or on dropbox's site?

    Question #2

    Can I control the folder it goes into on my dropbox? If so, how?

    Question #3

    If I have a custom form that sits before my JofForm form, can I have the custom form feed information into the iframe for my Jotform? Here is the use case:

    My customer would enter their case ID into the custom form > That form would get large Ref ID that our ticket system understands

    We would inject the Ref ID into the Jotform and have the subject of the email from Jotform contain the Ref ID in order for out ticket system to be properly notified.

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    Answered on August 31, 2011 at 02:19 PM


    We advise our users to avoid posting multiple unrelated questions in a single thread, to prevent mix-ups in the flow of support discussion. Two of your questions are related so I am answering them in this thread. Your last question, however, deserves a separate thread, so please create a new one for it. Thanks!

    Answer #1

    Files uploaded to a form will be stored both on our site and on Dropbox

    Answer # 2

    Folder customization is allowed, but is limited. Jotform submissions are always stored in this folder hierarchy

    --- Jotform
        --- Form Name
            --- Specified Folder Name (taken from field values)
                    Submission data PDF (same file name as folder)
                    Uploaded Files

    As you can see from the diagram above, only the 3rd level folder name is customizable.

    1.  Go to My Forms page, click the form in question

    2.  Click Submissions button in the toolbar

    3.  Inside your submissions page, click the small gear icon located at the right side of the page, under the Delete button

    4.  Choose Manage Integration. A new popup shall appear.

    5.  Choose which field input you want to name your submission folders. Click Complete


    Hope you find this useful.