Can I set up a form to provide custom quotes for 20 different items

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    Asked on September 11, 2014 at 05:17 PM

    yes, you got it. If customer wants to ask price quote for 20 different
    custom made desks, then he would need to click 20 "+" to fill out
    corresponding specifications for each desk. The field names and answer
    boxes need to be repeated vertically for each different desk.
    Your suggestion for alternative option ... does it mean: I can set up as
    many set of fields (say 50 sets), and customer can choose to show 1 set or
    3 sets, or 10 sets of fields? That would work well for me as well.

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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 06:50 PM

    Hello Michael-

    I see one of my colleagues already did a lot of work to configure the layout of this. This would certainly push the limits of our system, but could potentially be set up. One question- do you really need quotes for 20 different desks at the same time? Perhaps it would be simpler to set up a quote form for one desk. The general idea they were working on is:

    - use configurable list. This allows the user to enter one or more desk requests

    - use the CSS provided by my colleague to ensure it looks like it's supposed to

    - use conditional logic to come up with the quotes.

    I don't think our conditional logic will work with a variable number requests. Our conditional logic needs to target specific fields, not a variable number of fields. i.e., some users will request four desks, and some will request eight.

    I think the only option is to use a fixed number of desks. That is, your form would have to have 20 different fields for the desks, even if the client doesn't need all of them. We could hide them so that it only displays as many as they need at the time. Then we would set up the conditional logic to create the quotes. I'll try to set up a simple demo of that and will report back with it here.


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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 07:28 PM


    I set up a form that accomplishes what you'd like. It's very tedious to set up, but can be done. I didn't focus on the presentation, just getting the functionality working. If you do set this up, then it can then be visually customized as you would like as well.

    It's a simple form that can quote up to two items. Each item has two features, each of which have two options. It took twelve conditions to manage the quotes, and a number of hidden fields. Here's the process:

    - set up all the fields for all the features of the desks. For instance, each desk has a color, finish, etc. You will need 20 of each. Note that I didn't use configurable widget since we can't use conditional logic with it for this purpose.

    - set up hidden fields for each sub quote. These will carry the subtotals. So if red desks cost $20 and blue cost $30, that value will be stored here. Each custom desk will need its own suboption for each of its features.

    - add another field for total quote per desk. You'll need one for every desk.

    - add another field for Total quote overall.

    - Then you need to add the conditional logic. If desk 1, feature 1 = value 1, then output a price to sub quote 1. If desk 1, feature 1 = value 2, then output a different price to sub quote 1. This needs to be set up for every option for every desk.

    - then all sub quotes for desk 1 need to be adding for desk 1 total quote. Then the same for all other desks.

    - Then all quotes can be added to the total quote of all the desks.

    - Then conditional logic can be adding to not display the fields for desk 2, unless a quote is available for desk 1. And the same for desk 3, 4, etc. Thus it will only show as many desks as the user might need.

    The form linked above incorporates all that, and can be used/cloned as a guide. Setting up such an intricate system goes beyond the scope of what our support team can provide. We're available to provide direction though. Here's a screenshot of all my conditions:


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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 07:51 PM
    To use fixed number of desks will work - as long as customer has option to
    show and hide those repetitive set of fields, then it would look clean on
    the form. For example, at the beginning of the form, customer can select
    how many desks he wants to fill out, then the form can show the
    corresponding sets of fields and hide the remaining. If this is what
    Jotform can do, then it would certainly work.
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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 07:54 PM

    The way I set up that example is it would display the next desk after the previous one was entered. It's also possible to set up a field in the beginning where they indicate how many desks they'd like quotes for and only display those.


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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 08:31 PM
    The way you set up the form, am I correct that:
    1. The second desk will only pop up when it has quote1 result.
    2. does the form allow text field so customer can fill out (instead of
    selecting from drop down menu)?
    In our form, I would not have quote1 field . I just need customer to fill
    out a few fields for each desk, so I can make a quote offline and send
    formal quote to customer. Can we do this way: once customer fills out
    those required fields (since not all fields are required), it will pop up
    the second desk? Or, I can define just one field - as long as customer fill
    out this specific field, then the second desk will show up. Can this be
    done? If the form does need this quote1 result in order to pop up second
    desk, then I guess I will need a) to hide this result1...result2 from
    customer; b) since not all fields are required, so the form shall get
    result1 even not all fields are filled out.
    The other alternative you have mentioned, to set up a field at the
    beginning for a fix numbers of desks. If this is simpler, it will work too.
    I was just concerned that if customer decides to change the number of desks
    at a later time, what will happen to those desks while have been already
    filled out? For example, a customer selects 3 desks at the beginning and
    but he decides to have 4 desks in total after he fills out 3 desks ... will
    the data already filled out be deleted if he go back to change the fix
    number from 3 to 4 desks?
    On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 7:53 PM, JotForm Support Forum
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    Answered on September 11, 2014 at 10:16 PM


    This is a very complex question with many sub questions. The first thread already diverged into multiple side threads, all of which are leading to potentially different solutions and discussions.

    JotForm is a great solution for many cases. It can handle a problem as complex as yours, but at some point hiring a developer to build your form to your exact needs is the way to go. A developer can write a bit of JavaScript to accomplish what you'd like. I think it would be easier to go that route rather than attempt to use our solution. JotForm is a standardized tool with many abilities to customize. What you need is a customized solution that doesn't have the limitations of a standardized tool.

    Our support staff is available to help guide users in how our tools work, but can't work through every edge case a customer may encounter. If my example solution is not illustrative enough for you, then JotForm won't be the right solution. This is a highly technical use case and we don't have the ability to walk through it from start to finish.