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    Asked on September 12, 2011 at 06:13 AM

    Hi, I wanted to know more about uploading files and multiple files. I run a photography print business in El salvador and we wanted to find a solution for taking orders with images to print them, generally multiple large files.Suggestions are welcomed.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Answered on September 13, 2011 at 01:21 AM

    Hi magus0808

    To be honest, there's not much more I can add to what you have already done with your form, although it's true that it would be a good idea to add a payment tool. Since you stated "taking orders", perhaps the Purchase Order tool might be the "right fit" for your purposes. (The Purchase Order Wizard is fairly intuitive but if you need help with it our team will be happy to assist you.)

    Googling terms like photo prints online "order form" will help you find sites from which you can gather ideas. For instance, this looks like a pretty interesting. As a matter of fact, looking at that site got me to thinking that you may need to allow for more file types than the standard JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF. With the myriad cameras on the market nowadays, have you considered all of the possible formats of the photos that your current and prospective clients may want to send you? For example, the extension for JPEG 2000 files is JP2.

    I don't know what size files you expect from users but it needs to be borne in mind that, by virtue of the fact that Free accounts are limited to 100 MB of space, a single sunbmission on a form in such an account cannot contain more than 100 MB of uploaded files. So, depending on the volume of submissions and the size of each file in the said submissions, you may need to upgrade to a Premium account.

    Incidentally, the subject line of your form's notification needs to be edited. Instead of Nueva presentación: () form_title, it should be Nueva presentación: {form_title}. I had to make a similar correction to someone else's form yesterday. Their form was also in a language other than English. I wonder if this is a bug in the email wizard ...

    Perhaps other members of our support team will be able to contribute other tips and suggestions which have not occurred to me.

    Do keep us apprised of your progress.


    ~ Wayne