Cloud Flare Captch challenge on forms and widget

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    Asked on October 21, 2014 at 11:45 AM
    On a separate note I seem to get Cloud Flare Captcha challenge with I believe this is because I am behind a proxy server as the same with many other users in South Africa. This also happens if I use any Widgets on the form. It will be impossible for me to offer a form to a client with a Cloud Flare Captcha challenge. I see you now have many users with this problem and it is a major issue. My honest opinion is if you drop the Comodo certificate that does not force this check I will have to leave Jotform and find an alternative solution. It is not practical to send a form to a user with a captcha challenge.
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    Answered on October 21, 2014 at 02:09 PM

    We are very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately increasing the security level was a need for Jotform users, hence these captcha challenges. Usually this captcha challenges only appear if your IP Address recently had bad activity online.

    I white-listed your IP address. Usually white-listing the IP address solves this situation.
    Can you please confirm if you still get the captcha challenge when accessing the or when adding a widget?

    We are trying to determine if there is a local issue for South Africa or if it is a specific case.
    We'll wait for more details to proceed.

    Thank you