Form not found: Arabic Language - Account suspended

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    Answered on October 28, 2014 at 06:57 AM


    Your account was suspended automatically because a form which was made in  the Arabic language. To avoid further suspensions we recommend you to build the form in English and then use the Language Translator tool to set it into Arabic, French or any other language that might be suspended automatically.

    Our Phishing Detector Tool allows us to automatically suspend thousands of forms created everyday for phishing activities such as stealing credit card information, social security numbers, login credentials, child pornography, etc. However this tool is not updated to scan Arabic, French and other similar languages, therefore most of the forms made in these languages are automatically suspended. 

    Here are some steps to help you to avoid future automatic suspensions, you will have to add the language either as an option or as the default language.

    1. Set desired language as default

    - Click on  Language Translator at the toolbar > Click on “Add new” > search for your language.

    Once you added it, set it as default (eg. Arabic)

    Now select the language and click on Edit , so you can start adding the translations in the desired language (eg.arabic)

    Check this form out,  it will default to Arabic, and will bypass your browser's language


    ​2. To make the form to detect the language of the browser:

    -Click on options button

    -Tick checkbox  Detect user browser language

    See this other form (same form, but setup to detect browser language). Pleasecheck this guide  for more details on how to translate your form into other languages.

    You can check this thread as well for reference.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions so we can clarify it.