Is there a matrix widgit 4x4 or 5x3 for a clump of either drop-downs or yes/no radials - supporting calculations

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    Asked on November 03, 2014 at 01:04 PM

    Is there a matrix widgit 4x4 or 5x3 for a clump of either drop-downs or yes/no radials


    I'm looking to get a bunch of drop down and a separate bunch of yes/no radials into a small a space as i can!

    but it is also important that I can reference each individual field for building/referencing to in calculations and also for referencing to in CONDITIONS?


    Any suggestions how I go about this please?


    My experience so far of any matrix widget's i looked at, was that is seems not possible to reference individual fields within the widgit (when building a condition or an calculation) - or is that my problem - in that I'm not doing it correctly?

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    Answered on November 03, 2014 at 02:31 PM

    Hi Ian,

    First I thought that you could use the Configurable List widget, but since you are asking for calculations friendly widget then I am not sure any would be working - for what you want.

    Now what you could do is this: add radio buttons and separate them into columns and add dropdowns that are shrunk down using 'Shrink' option.

    If you have already tried this could you please give us a link to the jotform and explain what exact positions should they be set it and we would take a look at it and might be able to come up with some CSS that would align them properly for you.

    It mostly depends on what exactly you would like to do. For example: (no CSS just using Shrink option).

    Best Regards,

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    Answered on November 03, 2014 at 03:15 PM

    Thanks Ben, will check this out

    Here is what MY TEST FORM looks like - ever so crude and just testing various field types. Will not make logical sense.


    What I'm doing here is checking out all sorts of various options

    When I can tick all the boxes in my mind that JOTFORM can do what I'm after 
    then I will start building a REAL FORM -!!!

    Right now I'm going through a steep learning curve as - the Sales Order & Quotations Purchase Order and Invoicing  Form that I envisage ending up with will:

    1) Be saved for re-entry many times as the product/enquiry travels through our process.
    It will eventually cater for the very simplest of product enquiry like 10 widgits @ €6.00 ea to very complex product costings that will be heavily conditional based.

    2) It could have close to 800 fields. It will have significant use of HIDE/VIEW conditions and many other conditions. The first portion of the form establishes exactly what the enquiry entails and based on those selections in two matrix arrangements (that I have yet to trial and build) the remainder of the form will radically reduce the field JUT to those that are appropriate to the detail of the job that has been established at the top.

    3) Central to all this is the ability to send custom notifications by email using 6-10 different notification templates that will be appropriate to the various requirements.
    the form will:
    A) Record the details of the enquiry and establish what if any products requiring quoting
    B) Provide for manual entry of the base costings for a range of options (up to 6 options each quotation)
    C) Based on the facts that are established - by selecting the options on a MATRIX early in the form - then based on those selections - certain fields will or will not be presented to the user.
    D) Then the form provides for the very fine tuning of the EXACT costings for up to Six Options in each quote - (we will be using a defined calculation formulae that will auto present the user based on a margin table)

    E) Then having established the selling prices for all six options - a QUOTATION- NOTIFICATION is sent to our client.

    F) When the client respond s with an order: We edit a field to reflect this Status/Stage trigger a particular notification and hit submit and the client receives an order confirmation.

    G) Then If it is an Internal Production Job - We change the appropriate STATUS to trigger and OUR Internal Works Manager received the WORKS ORDER


    H) If it is an External Production Job -  We change the appropriate STATUS to trigger an automatic email formatted as an Official PO to our supplier.

    I) When the product is on the Dispatch Floor: We change the appropriate STATUS to trigger an automatic email formatted as an DELIVERY DETAILS.

    J) Then we change the status to Ready For Invoice: which will result in an automatic NOTIFICATION formatted as an Invoice.

    That is about it.

    Might you have any issues with what we are planning to do?

    This might help you to understand why I need a tight cluster (matrix) of fields!


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    Answered on November 03, 2014 at 04:41 PM


    Thank you for providing us so much details.

    But I think you missed to include link to the Test form right at the beginning. So I assumed this must be the one

    I reviewed the details you have provided and did my best to absorbed as much information as possible. I have a suggested strategy to best come up with a solution on your requirements.

    Here are the suggestions I have.

    1. Start small. It will be more solid if you start simple in the design of your form with the initial basic functionality working already.

    Try practicing the calculation requirement and condition options by adding them one at a time and checked every time if they are working. It will be overwhelming if you put all 800 fields and condtions all at once and work on all of them simultaneously.

    2. You probable need more than 1 form to accomplish the solution.

    3. Base on your details, this is a very customized solution. It will be best to use the form's full source code to be able to influence the form and create custom functions using injected code/scripts (i.e. javascripts)


    Can you please try first creating a basic layout of your form requirement. 

    Example, in your jotform try to add only up to 3 options and dropdowns. Then, let us work on the calculations and conditions you want to happen. If we established the functionality on the form base on your required solution, we can then expand it.

    We will wait for your update.