Conditions just dont work

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    Asked on November 24, 2014 at 03:43 PM

    I have spent many hours fixing my Modify form (Now called Fix This Modify so i can use a limp along version).  I have the exact same conditions for each of 1-5 parts.  When I select Modify the Sales Order from the top, each of 5 Fields open for "what do you want to do to part x" , then you can select  if you want to delete or modify each part.

    Each is supposed to be set to hide the Qty, Cost, and Price when it is empty or set to delete.  When you select modify for any of the parts it is supposed to show you the New Qty, New Cost, and New price fields.  The same conditions are set for each and they all work except:

    Part 3 does not show the Qty, Cost and Price field when you select Modify in the "What would you like to do to part 3" field

    Part 4 Shows those fields even though I have them supposodly hidden when "What would you like to do to part 4" is empty

    I have gone crazy making new fields and completely altering this form to make it work and at this point I have no idea what is wrong

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    Answered on November 24, 2014 at 05:00 PM

    Could you please provide us more details about how these conditions should work? I've checked your current conditions and see that you have conflicting conditions like the ones in the picture below.

    Please note that each logical condition will do the opposite when the entered condition is not met. For example: for condition 17: If "What would you like to do to Part 5" is equal to Delete then it will hide the fields on the list, however if it's not equal to Delete then it will show them.

    And this is conflicting with condition 18 that is supposed to show them only when "What would you like to do to Part 5" is equal to Modify and condition 19 that it's supposed to show them if the same field is empty.

    In other words, you can reduce the conditions #17, #18 and #19 to only leave the condition #18 that will show the fields when "What would you like to do to Part 5" is equal to Modify and hide them if it's not.

    And same goes with conditions for Part 1 to Part 4.

    We can certainly help you out to build the conditions of your form to work the way you want, but we would need to know first how you want them to work. Please provide us an example or two and we'll be happy to help.

    Best Regards.