How to setup my conditions correctly?

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    Asked on November 26, 2014 at 04:30 AM


    I'd really appreciate help!  I'm getting lost setting up conditionals.  

    My goal is simple:  The user first selects the "Number" of phones they're selling (between 1-10).  Based on the number they select, the respective number of sections appear, one for each phone.  For each phone, they specify the "Model" of phone.  Based on the model, the following field, "Memory," needs to only offer the values related to the model they selected.  Same with "Color" fields.  

    I would tremendously value some assistance here, and you can take a look at the current state at the link below. Note that I've only defined the conditionals up to 2 phones.   When you select "2," you initially see every field.  But when you select the model within 2, the appropriate conditional responses appear.  How can I make it so that not every single field is displayed when you first click "2" phones.

    I tried using the dynamic dropdown widget from JotForm but it doesn't allow for titles for each dropdown list, and couldn't handle the job.




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    Answered on November 26, 2014 at 09:39 AM


    I see that you have some conflicting conditions, I would like to ask if you could give us more details on what to show and which fields should corresponds to this. But upon checking your form, I think I understand some of them.

    Here's my input and what I edited.

    1. First I disabled all conditions.

    2. Do not use hide action when you are planning to show fields, this usually causes conflicts.

    What is the problem in the above condition?

    The problem is that this:

    Condition 1: If this is met you will hide these fields, if not show them.

    Condition 2: If this is met you will show these fields, if not hide them.

    The bold and italic is the automatic condition that will be implemented when the condition is not met, so if you have "Show" and "Hide" condition is one Field, let's say "Phone Model", it will cause conflict. It is advisable to use "Show" only which automatically HIDES them when the condition is not met.

    The simpler version of the above, but in a different field, is this:

    If the "Number of Phones" is equal to "1" it initially shows the following fields, other fields like memory will depend on another condition related to the "Model" of phone.

    I then enabled some of the conditions that is related to Model and to Memory for Phone 1.

    3. Another is that, you have fields that have default selected values on them which automatically shows all the field on first display. Example is that the field "Number of Phones" has a default value of "1" which already shows other fields because of the conditions (I might be wrong on this one). I would recommend that you select a blank or null or no value for default selection.

    4. I cloned your form and edited it. You can check if the conditions work as you expected, you can then clone the form to see my conditions. Please do take note that this is only for Phone 1.

    Here's the cloned form: 


    This is quite a bit lengthy but I hope this helps or at least gives you an idea on how to proceed. Let us know if you need further assistance on this.

    Thank you.