Using a form (multiple choice) for voting.

  • Lisa Sterle
    Asked on January 13, 2023 at 5:49 PM

    Using a form (multiple choice) for voting. I have it set where once on the form they are limited to one choice per section, but how do I ensure that a person doesn't vote over and over and over. I want to limit the use of the form to a person for 1 time only.

  • Linnea1
    Replied on January 14, 2023 at 6:48 AM

    Hi Lisa and thanks for contacting JotForm support.

    There are ways to limit submissions in a form. If the form is public, there's no 100% sure way to prevent the same person from submitting the form more than once, but spamming tons of submissions can be prevented by setting limitations. You can find instructions for that here.

    I hope you'll find this helpful.
    If there's anything else we can assist you with, do reach out to us.