Using Time and Date Conditions

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    Asked on January 16, 2015 at 08:32 AM


    I used Time and Date conditions to "force" an opening date and time for my submissions of 8am this morning.  One of my registrations came through at 7:59.  I am wondering how this happened.  So I went back into a cloned form and realized that the user can change the time and then the hidden fields appear.  I am very, very disappointed.  My initial form that I designed had the date and time hidden.  But when I asked your support to double check my conditions yesterday, they cloned my form and allowed the date and time field to be viewed.  So I assumed that's what was recommended by JotForm and I allowed the fields to be seen.

    Well, I am now assuming that a user gamed the system and manually changed the time.  My seminar filled in less than 1 minute.  So I am now left in a position where I either allow this person into the seminar, when she clearly "cheated", or I have to disallow her which leaves me in a horrible customer service position.

    I'm very disappointed that JotForm would recommend a process which can so easily be worked around by an end user.

    Mary Ellen

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    Answered on January 16, 2015 at 08:53 AM

    Hi Mary,

    We apologize for this unfortunate situation. It must be an unintended oversight.

    I checked your jotform and I can see the missing part that could have make it work perfectly as intended.

    The Read-Only property of Date or Time fields were not used.


    If you set the field property to Read-Only ON -- it will disallow manual input. 

    You can try this feature also and see if it makes the difference.

    As for the current case of that user you mentioned that manually manipulated the time input, I am sorry, but I guess it will be on your decision what to do to her.

    Hope this help. Please let us know if there is more we can assist you with.