Creating payment form with JotForm

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    Asked on January 26, 2015 at 03:19 PM

    trying to create an integrated system using jot forms

    Hi, we are a summer camp and are trying to create an integrated system.   We have a web designer who is working on this for us, but thought it would be easier for me to reach out explaining what we are trying to accomplish.  

    We want people to be able to click "register Here" on our website.   Then be taken to a registration page to sign up for a week of camp (using Jot forms), fill out a form that includes medical info, contact, etc… then pay for the program.  

    We need to be able to limit the amount of people for each program(about 12 different programs though registration form is generic).   So is there an add on to limit people and what is it called?  

    We want the info for each week of camp to be sent to a dedicated folder for that camp or product so to speak. That way it is all in one place and we can see what is what.  (if this is easier to do with excel, we can likely do that) 

    We also want to make sure that their payment is connected to their form so we know who paid and who didn't. Trying to reconnect the dots later seems like a nightmare.   If they owe money, it would be nice if an automated responder email was sent to them.  We have a mail chimp account if that would help.  

    Is there a 1 program that can cover all these?  Have you seen people do this before and be able to point me to the setup you see is possible within the jot form system.  I know this is asking a lot, so thanks in advance for your time.     

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    Answered on January 26, 2015 at 05:52 PM

    Thank you for your interest in our service.

    You should be able to create such form with us, as we do support Payment Forms.

    The most trickiest part is probably implementing the amount of items available on form. There is no direct 'stock limit' option available in our payment tools, but we can implement it with widgets.

    If the form user should be able to select multiple products, we can use a Ticket Purchases widget. In this case, the 'products' will be listed as separate fields.

    Demo Form:

    If the form user can select only one product, then we can use an Inventory widget.

    Demo Form:

    The email Autoresponders are quite easy to setup, they are not being sent to unpaid entries on the payment forms.

    Please provide us with additional details about the products section (products, prices, limits, etc.), so we will be able to provide you with setup instructions.