How can I create a team roster form for team captains to fill out on my website?

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    Mark Delgado 
    Asked on February 23, 2015 at 01:38 PM

    I run a recreational sports organization. We record player stats for each game. Therefore, I used my excel program to create a printable game sheets for each team for each game. There I input things such as Field, Game Time, Team Name, Player Jersey #, Player Name, Time Outs, a Scoreboard, Stat Categories & so forth. I will include a screen shot. 

    I would like to place a form on my team pages of my website for captains to fill out where I can then copy & paste their roster info back into my game sheets. 

    Overall, I would like any advice on how best to use your forms to make my time in roster & game sheet management more efficient. I would be happy to speak with someone & show you the functions of my website if that would help.

    The platform that I use is designed specifically for sports organizations with thousands of users. If this could be implemented to benefit others I am happy to help familiarize you with the platform.

    My website is

    My contact info is (903) 372-3232

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    Answered on February 23, 2015 at 02:57 PM


    Most of the form seemed pretty straight forward so I took a stab at creating a quick version.  Essentially, I just added some text box fields at the top to collect Field, Time and Referee.  Then I create a Matrix Dynamic to allow for the addition of players and information.  Here is the quick test form I made to show you what I mean:

    The information collected would be directly forwarded to you and could even be placed directly into a Google spreadsheet:

    If you have any questions about any of these or would like help with creating your own form or modifying the form I made, let us know and we will be happy to help.