Requesting for Enteprise upgrade

  • geminiqualitylogistics
    Answered on June 03, 2023 09:50 PM

    I have requested the Enterprise package several times and have not received any call back

  • Vanessa JotForm Support
    Answered on June 04, 2023 06:36 AM

    Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for reaching out to Jotform support. Just to verify, did you use the form on this webpage to contact our Sales team? If yes, may we know when did you submit your request? Can you also check your email inbox? Is it possible that the email address you entered in that form is incorrect? Also, are you planning to upgrade to Enterprise or would you like to request a demo?

    Let us know how it goes.

  • geminiqualitylogistics
    Answered on June 05, 2023 03:27 AM

    I used the correct email.

    I also communicated over chat and they said they would escalate it...that was four months ago.

    I just want to add two team members.

  • Annaliza Ortiz JotForm Support
    Answered on June 05, 2023 06:27 AM

    Hello Jamie,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. We have a dedicated team who is always available with customers that whom you can be in contact. I also reached out to our Enterprise Team regarding your inquiry.

    Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

  • Girish JotForm Support
    Answered on June 05, 2023 08:37 AM

    Hi Jamie,

    I just had a work with our Enterprise sales team and they've not received your request. Could you log into your Jotform account and fill out this form (click here)? Once done please let us know and we can follow this up right away.