Purchase Order: "Please Refresh" Message when submitting form

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    Asked on February 25, 2015 at 11:28 PM

    My form won't submit when there is a submission. It starts to redirect and gets stuck on a page that says "Please refresh."

    I found a previous entry in this forum, but it was unrelated to my issue in that that person had a "close window" button where I do not. I have tried secure and un-secured forms.




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    Answered on February 26, 2015 at 09:19 AM

    Hi wness92,

    I do apologize for the issue that you are experiencing with submitting your form. I was able to replicate the issue when doing a test submissions on your form.

    I was able to replicate the issue on your form as well as on a cloned version of your form.

    After reviewing the Purchase Order field, I was able to submit the form successfully.

    As such it appears that there is currently a bug preventing the form from submitting when the purchase order field is added to the form.

    I have passed on this issue to a level two support. Any update on the issue will be posted on this thread.

    Thank you.

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    Answered on March 02, 2015 at 03:24 PM

    So... has there been any further discoveries?

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    Answered on March 02, 2015 at 03:50 PM


    Unfortunately there has not been an update from our developers.  Your issue is currently assigned to a developer and has been given the highest priority so I would hope it will be sorted very soon.  Usually issues such as these do not take this long but occasionally bugs can be a bit tricky.

    We will let you know as soon as we have any further information.  Thank you very much for your patience.

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    Answered on March 15, 2015 at 02:05 PM


    After investigation it seems this problem occurs because of the amount of products on your form is causing the form to exceed the maximum inputs allowed for a HTTP request (this limit is not set by JotForm).

    My advice would be to change the structure of your form to try and reduce the number of inputs. One suggestion for this is to change the strap color to a product attribute instead of a separate product and use separate products to display multiple lines. Please see an example of this here: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/50574720352956