Using Get Visitors Location with conditions to set a value of some field

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    Asked on March 16, 2015 at 02:17 PM


    I am already using the widget "Get Visitor Location" and conditions.

    I am trying to setup sth like "If user location starts with "US" then set value of another field to 20".

    The field "Get Visitor Location" shows the correct location. But it is considered to be empty when using conditions.

    I already did a test like "If Location is empty then set value to 1". And the result showed 1.

    Do you guys have an idea?

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    Answered on March 16, 2015 at 04:09 PM

    You could do that Jan using GeoLocation widget, with the return set as Address only.

    You can see a quick sample here:

    It should give you a lot of info though so it might be good to make few tests for the regions that you would like to create the rule for and it should properly.

    If you capture the data over Form Calculation (as a text), you might get some value even if the visitor does not approve to share the location in which case it should based it on the IP (which for countries and states should still work properly.

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    Answered on March 16, 2015 at 04:11 PM

    I just wanted to add that if you are looking to base some calculation for the payments based on the location, you could do that from within the payment processing tool directly, so please let us know if that is the case and we would be happy to assist with that.