How to let my customers design there cover inside a template?

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    Asked on March 31, 2015 at 03:40 PM


    I am making a form where my customers can design there covers to there book. But I can't figure out how to make a template and let them drag and drop inside of it so they can preview their cover before they send it to me. Is there a way to do that?


    The picture of the little girl in the chair with ad on the back is an example of what I would have my customers design. So they could replace the picture of the girl and the happy birthday in the middle to be customized to there theme. Is there a way to let them customize those parts?



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    Answered on March 31, 2015 at 04:53 PM

    If I understand your question correctly you want to allow your users to drag & drop some pictures in order to allow them to place them the way they want to to create a cover. Is that correct?

    If so, unfortunately, we don't have a widget that would allow you to do that.

    In order to do this, you would need to use a custom script similar to the one explained here: and use the full source code of your form to capture the generated picture.

    Hope this helps.

    Let us know if I misunderstood your question.
    Thank you.