Problem with Next button in WP embedded form

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    Asked on May 15, 2015 at 03:29 PM

    /// UPDATE:  Problem below has to do with embedding the script into Wordpress. Have to use ifame to get it to work.  : (   ///


    We are using: Wordpress as the engine on our site. We tested our form using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.  We are using Stripe Payment integration with the form.  We are using the Wordpress embed script (not iframe) and we selected "Secure" under embed.

    The problem is sometimes the form loads the first page (page 1) with both the Back and Next buttons visible (see screenshot below), then if this happens, clicking the "Next" button to advance the page does not work and it does nothing (i.e. the page does not try to load or nothing)  

    To get the form to work, the user has to refresh the site.  Once only the Next button is visible, then the form would work correctly.

    NOTE: The form works 100% correct when using Jotform preview or using the URL form link in any browser by itself. Once embedded in the site, then the form does not work 100% of the time. 

     [Screenshot one -- form loaded in webpage with both buttons, thus form will not work (advance to next page)]


      [Screenshot two -- (taken after several reloads) -- form loaded in webpage with only ONE button, thus form will work correctly (advance to next page)]


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    Answered on May 15, 2015 at 05:57 PM

    I think this is a similar question to your post here

    I will marked this closed and attend instead to the original question.