Imported FormsCentral Form Embedded Script has cut off Submit Button

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    Asked on May 19, 2015 at 07:28 AM


    1. i used your automatic import from my adobe formscentral., about 13 forms

    2. i am testing the SCRIPT version, NOT the iFrame. OK

    3. When page first loads or is refreshed the SUBMIT button appears for about .25 seconds and then the bottom of the container shrinks vertically and the SUBMIT button disappears.

    4. I can tab through the fields to get to the SUBMIT button so i know it is still there.

    5. Why is your tools or import process truncating the bottom?

    6. The button NEEDS to be visible to my potential new customers.

    7. I notice a dotted line just above the SUBMIT button and below test box as i pass the the pointer over it.

    8. Here is the Adobe FC script and it works as expected. >>


    I suspect this is the problem area, the dotted line acts like a page break...


    The FormCentral version does not have a page break.


    Please take the time to analyze and give me an answer to:

    1. why this happened ?

    2. what needs to be done to correct the SCRIPT version, NOT the i Frame ?





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    Answered on May 19, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    If I am not mistaken and to my understanding you are basically having an issue getting your imported form to work appropriately. After which being embedded on your site you use the script embed option but it is getting cut off.

    From what I can see you have the original working here and a test of your imported form here which shows the imported form here that is cut off after being embedded. 

    If you look at the original imported form you'll notice that you can see the bottom of the form and it's submit button with no truncating.

    This leads me to suspect that there is some interference between your site and the form script library which is why the iframe is recommended to fix it even though you said that is what you don't want.

    What you could try as an alternative would be to reposition the fields or shrink them down. You could even try using our form designer feature to further modify the form into a smaller area including it's overall height, padding, and margins then attempt the script again.

    When I checked your edited form though I didn't find anything wrong on the form by itself.



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