How to print scrolling text from text areas with fillable PDFs

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    Asked on May 28, 2015 at 01:59 PM

    When I complete a form field in a pdf, it only prints out the data, based on the size of the form field, no more.  


    How can I get the pdf form to print all of the data entered into the filed?

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    Answered on May 28, 2015 at 03:18 PM

    Thank you for contacting.

    Have you tried a Get PDF option on the form Submissions page? It should include all the entered text.

    If mentioned PDF format is not working for you, please provide us with information about your usecase. How do you print submitted data? What format do you need?

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    Answered on May 29, 2015 at 03:11 PM



    I am trying to send the pdf to clients and have them complete the form, print the form and submit the form.  

    When they complete the form and save the form, the data in a field that EXCEEDS the size of the box, does not print.


    Does this make sense?  thanks.

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    Answered on May 29, 2015 at 03:52 PM

    Thank you for your explanation, I see the problem now.

    I have checked internet resources about this issue, and unfortunately, there is no solution that can be applied in JotForm at this time. We cannot dynamically increase the text area size nor print the scrolling text in PDF reader.

    You might consider increasing the Text Areas to fit more text in PDFs.

    Also, if there is an Email field on form, we can email autoresponder to the form user with submission PDF download link. Generated submission PDF link has different format (all the text is being included) compared to the form.

    Thank you.