Widget News! Issue #20 June 17, 2015

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    Asked on June 17, 2015 at 12:50 AM

    Hello folks,


    We’re excited to update you on the latest from the Widget Team!

    This week, we will share a little information on what the team does behind the scenes.


    The awesomeness of JotForm Widgets is not an accident.

    It is a combination of innovation, technology, a die-hard maintenance team, a designer, and JotForm users.

    What happens behind the scenes is like an auto garage shop on a mid-morning Monday. Every tool in its place, a few pros spread across the shop floor fixing, adjusting, testing and fabricating new parts. Everyone doing their part.   

    Just like an automobile, every widget requires maintenance, fixing and updating. This is because the world of technology does not pause or stop - everything is in motion, so the Widget Team has to keep up!  

    We take careful attention to listen to hundreds of users as they review and make suggestions that would supercharge their forms.

    Each feature, improvement or bug report is carefully listed, prioritized and sent to a developer.

    Each update or change made on a widget is rigorously tested before it is made live.

    Our user experience designer checks the widget’s user interface, and makes recommendations that would make the widget even more appealing.

    In our busy schedule, we take time to converse with our users and announce the latest updates.

    So while our users confidently use JotForm widgets, we keep watch, and ensure that both they and their form users get the most productive experience.

    The Progress Bar has passed through lots of improvements. Being a very unique and essential feature for your form, we pay careful attention to how it interacts with other form fields.

    Having been used on 6,672 forms, it deserves the spotlight: 

    We have improved how the progress bar interacts with conditional logic, as well as required fields. Besides that, it comes packed with stunning themes that compliment your form’s aesthetics.

    See the progress bar in action here.

    The Date Reservation Widget is a simple yet powerful calendar that lets each of your form users book unique dates for your services.

    It makes tracking dates a breeze because it prevents double booking, and can even block out weekends from availability:

    We’ve made it possible to limit the number of days one user can book. We have a couple of features lined up, so stay tuned. 

    Book some dates with the Date Reservation widget here!

    The mobile responsive widget is an excellent plugin that renders your form fields with a dynamic width. This means that your form snugly fits into any mobile browser width:

    We’ve widened field support with some common widgets - and the widget now works inside lightbox forms.

    Check out the Mobile Responsive Widget here!

    This is the best way to display a series of choices using images. Image Choices allows you to present a series of related questions using images. The images are picked out are displayed after the last question:

    We made some layout improvements  - and now the selected images are shown after the last question is answered.

    See how easy it is to make decisions with the Image choices widget!



    The inventory widget tracks your product quantities for you. With every sale through your form, the widget subtracts what you have available:


    You can now include a thumbnail image of your product. You can also hide the inventory counter from your form users.

    Track your products with the Inventory Widget!

    Minimalist themes are pretty common on most web designs, and forms are no exception. Flat radio buttons complement the minimalist form design, adding elegance and simple, two dimensional buttons to your form:

    We’ve made some layout improvements and fixed a couple of bugs to give it a solid, dependable look.

    Try the flat radio buttons widget here!

    The largest professional network, LinkedIn connects people and companies across the productivity spectrum.  

    The JotForm LinkedIn widget allows you to add yours or your company’s profile right on your form:

    We restructured the code for faster loading, and introduced a way to display either company or personal profiles on your form.


    Add your LinkedIn profile to your form here!

    The Geocomplete Widget helps form users type in their address location.

    Whether they begin with the street name, the postal code or the city name, the widget immediately drops down a list of possible locations that they can select from:

    We made a few visual improvements to the widget so that it works seamlessly with your form.

    Check out your location with the Geolocation Widget!


    As the Widget team works behind the scenes to address improvements and repairs, we are glad to bring updates to you through this bulletin.

    If you would like to get these updates in your inbox, please subscribe to the weekly newsletter. 

    Thank you for taking the time to report issues, and especially for suggesting improvements that make your form awesome using widgets.

    We were actually thrilled when one of our users took the time to point out and help us review some of the functional improvements on this week’s edition.  


    Till next time :-)

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