I need to see static text and images on the submission to recognize a product

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    Asked on July 14, 2015 at 01:02 PM

    my filled out form means nothing without the question


    when i fill out the form  and hit submit i dont know what the quanity is for what product because the product isnt showing up in my filled out form

    i need teh product relating to the filled in amount and the logo would be great too

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    Answered on July 14, 2015 at 02:14 PM

    If you would like to have this in your submission PDF files, you can simply enable include-Headers-Texts-and-Images-in-the-PDF-format-of-a-submission, and your PDF submissions would look like this:

    If you would instead want to set something like this up in your Email Notifications, I'm afraid that you will have to insert the describing data manually as separate fields in the table that is emailed. You can insert rows by using the buttons at the top of the email body:

    You would first need to Unlock Data Table, in order to add additional rows:

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need further assistance.