Widget News! Issue #23 Connect the Dots - September 10 2015

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    Asked on September 10, 2015 at 03:45 AM

    Hello Folks! We’re excited to share the latest updates from the Widget Team.

    This week, we want to share how JotForm Widgets help your creativity, and how they help you sort out real life problems through your form.


    Solutions are based on ideas. It all begins with a thought of how something can be resolved, how point A can be connected to point B.

    Many of our users create simple-to-elaborate solutions for productivity or business.

    A great example would be our Widget Newsletter signup form. It is designed to collect contact information that helps us update our users about the latest updates from the Widget Team.

    When we were designing the form, here’s how we connected the dots:


    1. How do we verify the authenticity of the person signing up?  - Use the Google ReCaptcha® widget.

    2. How do our users unsubscribe? - Through an email that all users get when they sign up.

    3. How will se send the emails to our users? - Through the Jotform Email Newsletters App.


    Had we considered verifying signup emails on our newsletter signup form, we would have used a verification widget like the Xverify® Email Widget.

    The point is, every single widget created in JotForm addresses a real-life problem. JotForm Widgets play an essential role in bringing ideas to life, creating a solution by connecting the dots.

    For instance:



    1. When typed or text-based answers are insufficient, your form users can draw their answers using drawing widgets.

    2. Form completion rates are dependent on adding instructions on your form - rich content widgets make adding instructions to your form a breeze.

    3. Sometimes users need to enter analytical or structured data on your form - calculation widgets make this process accurate and fast.

    4. Images help form users to understand what you need from them -photo widgets help in illustrating the point, and helping users to quickly select or choose an answer.

    JotForm Widgets help you to connect the dots between what you need to do, and what will actually happen.


    Introducing the Custom CSS Tab

    It took a lot of testing and iteration to bring this feature to life - and now, most widgets (some widgets have no need of customization) can be customized using Custom CSS:


    This will allow you, with a little CSS knowledge, to customize or modify the colors, fonts, heights, widths among other CSS properties on all the elements found on the widget.

    You can try out the Custom CSS Tab by clicking on the widget’s wizard wand on the form builder to open the widget settings.

    We have plans in place to make the process a little less technical. In the meantime, we are happy to help out.  

    xverify Email section header 1 update.png

    This is one of our newest widgets, powered by Xverify®’s verification engine, a premier contact and address verification service.  This widget makes sure that all the emails you receive are valid and actual, and it’s all done in one second as your form user fills out their email:

    This is a powerful feature - especially when your form needs accurate contact information.

    Check out the Xverify Email widget here.


    Minoto Video is a sharing and hosting service for videos, optimized for value added video streaming and deliverability. The JotForm Minoto Video widget allows you to easily share your videos right from your form:

    We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the video from playing on multipage forms.

    Play the JotForm Minoto video widget here.


    One of the greatest features of any webform is allowing the user to provide additional answers. The Infinite list widget allows the user to list more entries on your form:


    We’ve fixed a bug that prevented the list from being edited after the form was submitted.

    Go ahead and see the infinite list widget in action here!


    Time Picker section header 1 update.png

    The Time Picker widget is a neat, dropdown time selector which helps users to accurately select time on your form. It’s simplicity is it’s brilliance; it makes time selection deliberate and intentional:

    We’ve fixed a form validation bug which prevented error messages from being displayed when a time value was not selected.

    See the Time Picker widget in action here.


    It’s hard to comprehend the full scope of possible answers your users might give, which is why it’s important to include a dynamic way of collecting responses.

    The Dynamic Textbox widget allows users to add more text responses on the fly:

    We’ve fixed a  validation check bug and restored show/hide conditional logic which was not working on Internet Explorer 8. The widget also now comes with cool new themes to match your form’s branding.

    Check out the Dynamic Textbox widget here.


    Show my Weather section header 1 update.png

    Show my weather displays weather forecasts on your form. Powered by Yahoo Weather®, the widget automatically updates changes on your form, providing a dependable forecast that will help users to make better decisions when booking, travelling, reserving among other planning constraints:

    The widget now comes with 10 new stunning themes.


    Check out Show My Weather here.


    How your form looks is critical in portraying how your users will respond to you. A minimal theme strips your form of visual distractions, letting your users focus on the subject matter. The Minimal Checkbox widget is the ideal widget for your minimally designed form:

    We’ve fixed a bug that prevented submitted answers from being edited.

    Check out Minimal Checkbox here.


    The Postal Code Search widget powers and makes ready your form for a global audience.

    This widget comes packed with a global database of postal codes. The codes are easily searchable from dropdown lists, and as the form user filters out their desired location, the dropdown lists are dynamically updated:

    Previously submitted answers can now be edited.

    Check out the Postal Code Search Widget here.


    It's been a great couple of weeks - thanks to all our users who diligently reported and suggested improvements.

    Sometimes, our turnaround takes a little more time that anticipated, that’s because it takes a lot of alpha iterations in adding a feature or fixing a bug - and we appreciate your patience.

    We’re only too happy to be part of making your ideas a reality, creating solutions, connecting the dots.

    Thank you for subscribing to our weekly widgets newsletter. We’ve received lots of signups so far, so go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already.

    Until next time,

    The JotForm Widgets Team

    Minoto Video®, Yahoo Weather®, and Xverify® are trademarks of their respective companies and/owners.