cani add these forms onto serif web plus 10 ?

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    Asked on September 24, 2010 at 08:17 AM
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    Answered on September 24, 2010 at 08:41 AM

    Here is what their documentation have to say about this. Since it is a PDF document copying it to here:


    You can also import formatted HTML text from a browser or email program via
    the Clipboard (for example with a browser's Select All and Copy commands),
    using WebPlus's File>Paste Special... command.
    Before you import your HTML code, WebPlus lets you position an HTML Code
    Fragment window on your page. Since you won't be able to see the effect of the
    HTML until you preview the site, be careful to place the window correctly.
    You'll definitely want to check your web page in a browser! If there's a problem,
    double-check the code you entered and its position on the WebPlus page
    (resizing if necessary). If you have some grasp of HTML, examine the page
    source in a text editor such as Notepad or use your browser's "View Source"
    To add an HTML code fragment to a page:
    1. Copy the HTML code from its original source onto the Clipboard.
    2. Click the < > Insert HTML Code button on the Web Objects
    3. Click on the page or pasteboard to create a new HTML Code
    Fragment window at a default size or drag to create a sized window.
    4. In the dialog, use the Paste to Head or Paste to Body button to insert
    the clipboard text into the header of the file or into its body.

    Use the scrollable code window. Enter one or more HTML code
    fragments into the appropriate field.
    5. (Optional) If the code calls for external files, use the Add... button to
    locate them. Click the Make Linked button if you want to keep the
    file(s) separate from your site.
    6. Click OK to close the dialog. The code will appear on your page in
    the HTML Code Fragment window.