Issues with User when they click on the JotForm Link

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    Asked on September 22, 2015 at 04:52 PM

    Usually I just sent our internal users a link to the form specific to that user.  When I send the links now, the users get either:

    1. a login page requesting a user name and password   or

    2. a blank page with nothing where the form should be.

    Can you help me figure out what is happening.

    1.  This is happening on multiple browsers with multiple users with multiple forms.

    I can see them just fine with my account.  

    Thank you!


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    Answered on September 22, 2015 at 06:44 PM

    From what I understand about this issue you are having a problem with users ending up at a blank page or a login page when you send them a link to your form.

    Based on the issue and the screenshot it looks like you are sending the wrong link.

    You are currently sending " " which will only work for you if and when you are logged into your account  to edit that form.

    Whereas for your users whom are filling out your form to submit back you actually should be using and sending this one here " " instead.

    I've highlighted below in Green where you can obtain your form's direct link properly. And the Red one at top in the browser address bar if that is the one you have been using is the wrong one as it is only beneficial to you or others whom you give access as a sub-user to edit your forms in example and that would also be the reason for the link going to a blank page in the form builder per your screenshot that you provided above.

    If I have misunderstood your question or if you are already doing this and are still having issues then please just let us know so we can investigate more.

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    Answered on September 22, 2015 at 06:56 PM

    Thank you so much.  I think that resolved the problem.  I only use these forms once every 3 months, so I must have forgotten the difference.  Thanks!

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    Answered on September 23, 2015 at 01:57 AM

    On behalf of my colleague, KadeJM, you are welcome. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.