OK Here is the question again about printing and submitting

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    Asked on February 02, 2012 at 07:50 PM











    I want the availability of the applicant to not only submit their form, but have the ability to print a copy for themselves.  Yes I can print a blank form.  But After the form has been completed by the applicatn, I want them to be able to print the completed form prior to submission.  Here is another screen shot.

    How can I do that? I've tried several different "tries" but the form usually says ..."form can't print"... See the screen shot.

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    Answered on February 03, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    Unfortunately I could not see the screenshots.  Can you please upload it somewhere and share the URL here?

    Here's my solution:

    What you can do is copy the content of your email notification and place it on your Custom Thank You content.  To do this:

    1. Edit your form and go to Setup & Embed tab (this tab is selected by default)
    2. Click Email Alerts

    3. Select Notification (an Email Notification Wizard box will appear)

    4. Copy the Content of the Email Notification
    5. Close your Email Alert Notifications Editor

    Then what you should do next is place the content in the Thank You Message of your form.

    1. Click the Thank You icon in the form editor

    2. Select Thank You message, a WYSIWYG editor will appear.

    3. Paste the content that you have copied from the Email Notification

    4. Add this code at the bottom part of the Thank You message content editor:

    5. Click the Finish button

    6. Save your form.


    What was done

    We have copied the content from the Email notification to the Thank you message.  If what has been done was successful, after submission, the thank you message will show the details of the submission and there will be a print button at the bottom of the page.  Clicking the print button will then prompt the browser for printing.