Can I pass values from our site to hidden fields ?

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    Asked on October 08, 2010 at 02:32 PM

    We plan to use a form presented in a lightbox for a survey on our community website. As the users that will use the form are already logged-in it makes less sense to ask them for their name again. Also we want to catch the URL they were on when sending the form. Is something like this or similiar possible with JotForm ?

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    Answered on October 08, 2010 at 04:50 PM

    You have to embed the form itself on your site somewhere. Either via an iframe or embed the entire HTML into your lightbox pop up. I have done it for one of my clients sites and passed a php variable into the form field for which page they are on.

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    Answered on October 11, 2010 at 07:07 AM

    It is possible to add hidden fields to your form and then use pre-population to fill them automatically.

    To add a hidden questions to your form open the "Power Tools" toolbox on the left side and then add a "Hidden" field to your form.

    To pre-populate this hidden field add "?fieldname=value&" to the URL of a form.  Here is an example:

    To find out what is the field name for a particular question, you must see the source code of the form.