How can 2 separate users fill out different sections of the same form, before the entire completed form being sent to admin?

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    Asked on February 04, 2016 at 07:03 PM

    I need help setting up a single form which has 2 separate users (eg. USER A and USER B) to fill out PART 1 and PART 2 of a form respectively. The entire form can then ONLY be submitted by USER B to ADMIN. The structure of the form would be as follows:

    - - - - -


    PART 1 (filled in by USER A)

    At the end of part 1, a button pressed by USER A triggers an email to USER B to let them know they have finished PART 1 of the form. This email notification is NOT sent to ADMIN yet. (note: USER A also cannot see beyond this section to PART 2).

    PART 2 (filled in by USER B only)

    User B on clicking on the link in the email sent from USER A, goes to the form and types the password key 'hello' to reveal the rest of the form. They fill in part 2, but also are able to go back and edit the answers from USER A if they wish. 

    At the end of part 2, USER B presses the 'submit' button, which triggers an email so the entire form is sent to ADMIN (Note: ADMIN does not receive notification of this form prior to this point from USER A).

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    I know there are ways you can do this through the auto-responder emails but I am a little confused about how these are integrated into the form and whether USER A should see a 'Submit' button at the end of PART 1 (But as mentioned above, I don't want the form notification to be able to be sent to ADMIN until the entire form is filled out). I've set up a test form at which reflects the structure of the form I am looking at if that would be helpful to demonstrate how to do this.


    Any help would be appreciated!




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    Answered on February 05, 2016 at 02:59 AM

    You're right that this can be achieved via autoresponder with email conditions. You can create email conditions and sent the autoresponder to the relevant user base on their answer or once a certain field is filled.

    1. So first, you have to add a submit button for the first user to submit the form.

    2. In the autoresponder or notification email template, add the edit URL for the second user to review/continue the form.

    3. Create a condition that sends a notification to the appropriate user once a certain field is filled.


    Send notification to user B email, if a required field from user A e.g. fullname is filled

    Then create a similar condition that sends a notification to the admin email if a required field from user B is filled.

    Visual guides:

    If you need further assistance or if you need clarifications, let us know.