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    Asked on February 16, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    Rather than hiding behind the computer and offering extremely vague information, why don't you post a message directly on the home page to explain what is going on in as much detail as possible? Maybe if you explained the situation in detail and offered those in your user community options to help get this figured out (i.e. who in the government they can contact, how users can use social media to help, etc.) you would be able to salvage some sort of reputation. At this point, you should be embarassed of how you've handled the situation by masking it from the home page, offering little to know resources and or explanation, and avoiding some sort of compensation from those that will have to spend tons of billable hours that they can't rightfully bill their clients to fix the issue. I can see this situation costing some agencies a decent chunk of change and/or a significant amount of time to fix. I would be embarassed.

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    Answered on February 16, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    We're sorry that we weren't able to give you that impression but please believe us when we say we're trying our best to handle this situation.

    We have already sent, and still sending emails to all our users with links to a detailed description of the event and how to fix the issue. Our social media pages are swarmed by our users, mostly praises(which we are really thankful for) and some bashing.  We try to help every single person regardless of their words and platform. One of our users even contacted me personally through my own website. Many blogs have covered the issue, with a lot more on the way I assume.

    So in the end, we are aware that this is a big deal for all of our users and of course we're deeply sorry and embarassed for any inconvenience caused by us not responding as fast as you hoped. 

    But the fact remains that our domain was shut down without any notice. Personally, I believe that no one would be able to prevent or prepare on time for such an event since any US agency will be able to impose a certain amount of power over any service provider regardless of their history.


    About providing little information regarding the subject; We really can't provide any more information on the topic as we don't know anything else ourselves. All we received was an email saying that we have been shut down and to contact someone.


    About the home page, not having a traditional homepage has been a trademark feature for us. We simply don't want to hinder with our users' already damaged work process by adding warnings and red flags everywhere.


    Again, we're doing our best and we're very, very sorry if there's any inconvenience we caused.

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    Answered on February 16, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Well spoke, JotForm. When I received your email late last night, I admit to a moment's apprehension on the task of updating my sites. But, thankfully, all sites were built with in Dreamweaver, so this morning, I simply did a find/replace/upload to change the links, all of which took exactly 48 seconds, (yes I timed it). Done and Dusted in under a minute. (Time-wise, I wish all my troubleshooting projects were this fast and painless.)

    Everyone here is "in business" in one form or another, whether for profit or non-profit, or simply promoting our ideals. Therefore, any one of us could have been hit with similar "out-of-the-blue" potential disaster of government or third-party intervention, with us as unwitting targets.

    So let me say I'm sure we all do or will in near future appreciate JotForm's swift action in salvaging the situation, providing immediate individual notice, new urls and servers, and succinct instructions.

    Roll on.