Thanks to JotForm for responding so quickly to the problems caused by the improper shutdown of by Godaddy & the Secret Service.

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    John Green
    Asked on February 17, 2012 at 08:36 PM

    I too am a client of godaddy hosting. I host quite a number of my clients websites on their servers. I also have many clients whose websites use Jotforms. I believe that Godaddy's policy of shutting down a website without a court order is a travesty. I also believe that the request by the US Secret Service to shut down a content provider such as Jotform rather than the offending website to be ridiculous.

    As a client of Godaddy, I wrote them the following note:

    Your shutdown of jotform cost my hosting clients money, and other less tangible losses. Your shutdown of jotform cost me the better part of a day's work in restoring my client website's forms. Your very rash decision to take action that causes your paying customers to lose money, client faith, etc. will cause you to lose some of these clients. Why would you take such un-business like actions without considering all of these repercussions.

    I have done business with godaddy for many years and I expect that my interests in keeping my clients satisfied should be your top priority. You have let me and my godaddy hosted clients down. I would like an explanation for your irresponsible actions. As a company, you now have a great need to restore our confidence that you will act in our best interests.
     John Green

    Godaddy's corporate response: {Which did not address my specific questions about the need for court orders and the potential loss of legitimate revenues. I'll let you be the judge of their reply}

    Dear Mr. Green,
    Thank you for contacting
    Recently, Ben Butler, Go Daddy's Director of Network Abuse made these comments in regards to the issue, which we would like to share with you.

    "In an effort to make the Internet a better and safer place, Go Daddy has a long history of following established policies designed to address a variety of issues. One of those policies is to readily comply with orders from courts, as well as confirmed official requests from law enforcement agencies.

    Because of our privacy policy, we can't disclose the specifics of our actions with respect to our customers' accounts. But, we can tell you in general terms, at the specific request of law enforcement, Go Daddy sometimes takes action to prevent further harm being caused by a website hosted on our servers. This would include things like sites engaged in phishing, malware installation, securities fraud, and so on.

    Unless such request is the subject of a criminal investigation that is required, under statute, to be treated confidentially, Go Daddy promptly notifies its customers of any action taken, and provides the contact information of the law enforcement agency involved. This gives customers an opportunity to address their concerns directly with the agency in question. Our standard policy was followed in the case you mentioned.

    "Thank you for your time and understanding.


    The Office of the CEO

    (No one's name appeared as signatory to this reply by Godaddy. I guess like the Supreme Court, they by extension believe that the Office of a corporation is a person.}

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    Mark Prefect
    Answered on February 18, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    Thanks i have just transferred 72 domains away from godaddy.